Hey my dear readers! I have just spent almost one week in “Foz do Iguaçu” in the state of Paraná, south of Brazil! This place is near Argentina and Paraguay and is very famous for the Itaipu Energy Power plant and the “Cataratas do Iguaçu”. There is the triple frontier there!

The Cataratas have the Brazilian side in “Foz do Iguaçu” and the Argentinean side in “Puerto Iguazú”. Both sides are beautiful! I will talk about them and give some hints, ok?!

Imagem de Werner Sidler por Pixabay

Itaipu is the hydroelectric that most have water per m3 in the world! It produces the energy used in the southeast of Brazil (which includes one of the biggest city in the world: São Paulo).  For the special tour (R$51,00) inside Itaipu you shall book before calling to the number 0800-645-4645. There is half price ticket for students and people over 65 years old.

In these areas there used to live the Guarani natives. They still live there and can speak the Guarani language (also Spanish and/or Portuguese), although the tribe doesn’t live like before the “white people” invade their land.

Lots of people go to the Paraguayan and Argentinean duty free shops to buy electronics, perfumes, alcoholic drinks and, between us, let me tell you they also sell weed, “marijuana”, arms and why not VIAGRA! That is the bed side of this free market!

So, when you go to the Falls in the Brazilian side you just need to get the bus Aeroporto/National Park from the city Foz do Iguaçu for R$2,40 and it will let you in front of the park entrance! The taxis would charge at least R$20,00 per person! The cost of the entrance varies if you are Brazilian (R$22,00), from a country of Mercosul  (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay) or a foreign from any other place which are not the ones.

You can choose some trails to do there! I did the Macuco Safari Boat (R$140,00) and outside the park I bought a ticket for the helicopter (R$180,00). Both are excellent!!! I’m happy that instead of buying things in the Duty Free Shops, I did this adventurous tour!

In the Argentinean side you can walk much more and see the falls closer, but till I get there I had to get 2 buses (the first bus passes every 40’ I think so). In the first bus, the one that leaves Brazil to Argentina, I had to stop at the Argentinean frontier and show my ID card (or passport), driver’s license are not valid!

The buses are Argentinean. I caught the first bus in  “Foz do Iguaçu (Brasil)” and it costs R$3,50. It lets you in the bus station of “Puerto Iguazú (Argentina)” and from there there is just one bus company that goes to the falls which costs R$16,00 per person. The entrance to the park also depends on where you come from. For Argentinean it is cheaper, also for people from Mercosul (70 pesos per person). For others it is 100 pesos per person. IT IS JUST POSSIBLE TO BUY THE TICKETS IN “PESOS” there, ok?! Not in “reales”, they told me so when I bought my tickets to the second bus. I exchanged 1 real for 2 pesos, which was not a good deal for me, but I was not in the mood and didn’t have enough time to look for an exchange agency.

In the “Cataratas del Iguzú” in the Argentinean side there are also some trails to do, some are included in the entrance ticket and some you buy apart. They offer lots of ecological tours. It is included in the entrance ticket the upper and lower trails, which are fantastic and you are able to walk over and below the falls! There is also a train inside to take you to the trails and there are 2 train stations. In the first stop you can walk the upper and lower trails and the second one is the one to see the “Garganta del Diablo” really close!!! In the Argentinean side you can spend the whole day walking.

Attention: bring water, buy rain coat (if you don’t wanna get wet), spare clothes, flip-flops in the backpack, sandwiches and cookies if you don’t wanna buy there! I went to the boat in the Brazilian side prepared to get wet and after the tour I changed my clothes.

–> A hint: I like to print the map of the city and the localization/information of the hotel before leaving home! You can check it out below!

–> Eat ALFAJOR in Argentina!

–> Eat PICANHA in Brasil or in Argentina (which is cheaper)!

–> There are restaurants where you can eat “RODÍZIO” (all you can eat places), which include pizzas, pastas, french fries, soft drinks,… for fixed prices. All of this together for a fixed price! ;D Also soups and ice creams! It depends on each place the menu.

Here there are some photos of the folders I got there for you to get more detailed information! Enjoy!



PS: some other information are available in the couchsurfing community of Foz do Iguaçu which I posted in my blog in the next article (Iguassu Fall and Itaipu – part 2)

I left a message there and I met nice Csers in Foz! Thank you again CS!!!

These are the video I edited and uploaded to Youtube:

1- Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil 02 05 2011

2- Itaipú e Cataratas del Iguazú, May 2011