Well, taking into consideration I live in a hot, tropical, developing country let’s say people should buy some things outside Brasil due to our lack of really warm clothes and to the high prices for hi-tech things.

–> Backpacks.

I like Deuter! They have waterproof, resistant and pretty backpacks of all kind!

Deuter in Brasil

–> Sleeping bags (Deuter also has sleeping bags!).

–> Tents.

–> Warm clothes  – coats, pants, gloves, hats, scarves… (specially coats in the free markets in Italy!). Famous and good branches:

The Norht Face (American branch)

Jack Wolfskin (German one)

But there are other ones not so expensive that sell good stuffs.

Remember: IT IS BETTER TO BUY 2 GOOD COATS THAN 5 BAD ONES AND FEEL COLD! I’ve learnt by experience! And buy waterproof coats and pants, probably you will need when it rains or snows there or even for biking, climbing and snowsports!

–> Waterproof boots.

–> Tablet/Camera (bring the receipt).

–> Memory cards.

–> Music players.

–> Beers in Germany, Belgium, Czec Republic! lol

–> Swiss chocolates!

–> Some other things that I don’t remember by now. 😛

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