What to do when you are stuck at the RIO airport (Santos Dumont) at the carnival, 40 °C, due to a delay of the AIR FRANCE plane instead of being home with your family after 6 months traveling?

Well, I started checking and naming my 20 Gb of photos! I spent 8 hours waiting!!! And just observing the girls passing with almost no clothes ready to get to a SAMBÓDROMO!!!

I didn’t have enough money to get out of the airport and to go to the beach! The taxi drivers in Rio not just want to rob all your money from your international wallet as they also wish that you spend the day doing nothing at the airport because you don’t want to pay about 50 euros for him to ride you less than 10km to Copacabana beach!

If you don’t pay attention and don’t bargain you will run out of money at your first sight!

Sooooooo, I used IRFANVIEW to reduce the wight/size of all my 20Gb of photos!!! At least something produtive!

What is Irfanview??? I will explain in another post!