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Naming your photos!/Nomeando suas fotos! ;D

Well, I like to use IrfanView to reduce the “weight” of the photos! I could make my 20Gb of photos that were previously burned in 5 DVDs fit in just 1 DVD! After that I burned 1 DVD to each … Continuar lendo

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Stuck at the airport in Rio in the Carnival! / Presa no aeroporto do Rio no Carnaval!

What to do when you are stuck at the RIO airport (Santos Dumont) at the carnival, 40 °C, due to a delay of the AIR FRANCE plane instead of being home with your family after 6 months traveling? Well, I … Continuar lendo

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Transformar pontos em milhas! How to transform points from your credit card to miles and get airplane tickets!

As it about exchanging points to miles in Brasil I will write in Portuguese! Para transformar os pontos em milhas: 1°) Fazer seu cartão TAM Fidelidade no site da TAM. 2°) Ligar para ITAÚ no 4001-4828 (se vc estiver falando … Continuar lendo

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