People need ideas! People need security! People need advice!!!

I don’t want to keep all the information I have just in my computer. I would like to share them with people that would like to read about them! I want to share experiences! I wanna comments and I wanna tips from you too!!!

When I wanted to do an internship I was helped online by 3 people who had already done it and now I also would like to help people who are in the same situation I was some time ago.

I started thinking about creating a blog after about 7 people asking me about IAESTE and about Konstanz, the city I had been to while working as an intern in Germany.

They found in me the security, the support to take this IAESTE internship and to go to the same city I had been to after all my advice, after reading my testimonial about the internship (in Portuguese).

Of course, it is ok to answer 7 people, but imagine 100 people? Imagine if everybody from Brasil who will go to Germany or will go backpacking starts contacting me? Well, I can answer the question with all the good intentions but read my blog before, ok?!

For answering this 7 people I wrote about 10 pages talking about IAESTE, couchsurfing, credit cards, health insurance, backpacking, visas, etc.

I am happy to have helped so many people!