Of course if you are walking carrying a 15 Kg backpack you can be seen from far away!!!

Never walk like this if it is not really necessary! You call attention, don’t you know?!

While I was waiting for my hosts (sometimes they picked me up in the main train station), I tried to leave my backpack in a locker and walk a bit nearby the station. But when my hosts were delayed I used to stay in a place for less than 5′ then walk to another place! Never keep standing alone with your life in a backpack in a train station! People notice you don’t now the place and that you are alone!

Everytime I realized people here coming closer and looking too much I walked away! It is something you are trainned when you are from Brasil!!!

Ok, I was never robbed in Brasil, so don’t tell me I will be robbed in Europe!

Shit happens but you don’t need to help the thieves!

There are some tips in this website of my virtual friend Daniel in Ducs Amsterdam.