I have so many ideas that you can not imagine! They are exploding in my mind! I was anxious to talk about these things to someone, but I guess nobody would stand me talking about traveling all the time, so I decided to creat this blog for people whose main intention is read about trips and internships!

I will talk about the cities I have been to, the ones I intend to go, curiosities, where to eat, where to go, where to buy things, my opinion about every place, food, airplanes, trains, culture, but every talk in a respectful way!

What about talking about Brasil? A land of 26 states, 8 514 876,599 Km2, with a city of 11 000 000 inhabitants (São Paulo) and a total population of 190 732 694 inhabitants!
I can talk about localization, population, future ideas for the country, problems, good things, solution, talk about my culture.

Besides that I will go on traveling as much as I can. I will still travel a lot! I hope so!

Subject will never be my problem! The big matter is time to write!