I am sure the tittle explains perfectly the post, doesn’t it?

English is the international language. Communication skills are very important when you are traveling. You may doesn’t speak English or don’t speak it so well, so make sure your hands can talk for you when you are abroad!

It is important to learn English at school and to dedicate a time for improving it. Writing in English for me is a way to practice it. Guys, if you want tips from me you need to practice your English! I will not translate everything I write into Portuguese.

I am not an expert in English or your “blog English teacher”, but I will try to make sure you can understand me, ok?!

Here there are some Phrasal Verbs, the famous Idioms, that I myself resumed when I was studying in my private English Course the time I was in High School. Enjoy!

Please, if there is any mistake correct me in the comments, ok?!

Phrasal Verbs – Idioms

Around the corner – soon

As far as (something) goes – Considering

At all – absolutely

At last – finally

Be about to – be ready

Be dying to – be anxious to, want to (do) very much = be looking forward to+ING

Be fed up – be tired of, out of patience with, “up to hear”

Be for – be in favor, agree

Be good at – do it well

Be in for – be prepared for

Be in mood for – feel like (doing stg =something)

Be in someone’s shoes – be in one’s situation

Be in the mood for – feel like (doing something)

Be into – like = go in for – be interested in

Be fed up with – be sick and tired, have no patience more

Be made up of – consist of

Be off – leave, stay out

Be on one’s way home – be going home

Be on one’s way to a place – be going to a place

Be on the edge – be nervous

Be on the road – be traveling

Be on time – be punctual

Be out-of-date – be old fashion

Be out of order – not to work or function/ disorganized

Be out of question – not to be considered, to be impossible

Be over – be finished, be through, be end

Be paid for – be completely paid

Be supposed to – should

Be to one’s liking – be to one’s taste

Be too much for – be too irritating or excessive

Be tricked out of (something) – be robbed

Be up to (someone) – be for someone to decide

Blow up – explode

Book ahead – reserve in advance

Break down – stop functioning

Bring down – reduce

Bring something back – return with

Bring up – mention

Browse around – look around

Burn someone out – stress someone out

Burn up – consume (energy, calories, fire)

Burst into tears – start crying

By the way – “talking about it” (to continue/make conversation)

Call for – require, ask for

Call on – visit]

Call off – cancel

Call over – call to where one is

Call up – telephone

Calm someone down – sooth, ease the anger

Care for – like

Carry out – execute

Catch one’s eye – attract one’s attention, appeal

Catch up – be in the same level

Cater – supply, serve

Change one’s mind – alter one’s decision

Check in – register at (a hotel)

Check out – leave the hotel, to look at, compare, evaluate

Cheer someone up – give courage to someone/ encourage sbd

Clean out – clean completely, clean inside of something

Clean up – clean

Clear up – get better (weather)

Clear up – to solve

Clear up a problem – solve it

Come around – visit/ go to a person’s house

Come back – return

Come by – “herdar”

Come in – enter

Come out – the result of something (the cake came out fantastic)

Come to – arrive at

Come through – be officially approved

Come true – become reality

Come up – happen

Come up with – make up, think of, have an insight, to produce

Cool off – calm down

Count on – depend on

(to) Crawl – to move slowly drawing the body along the ground

(to) Creep – to move quietly, slowly

Cut down on – reduce

Cut it out – stop doing something

Die down – diminish (energy, fire, wind)

Dress up – put elegant clothes

Drop by – visit one place unexpectedly

Drop in – visit

Drop in on – visit a person

Drop into – quick visit (place)

Drop over – visit

Drop off – leave

Drop out – stop studying

Empty-handed – having or bringing nothing

End up – finish (as a result), wind up, result in

End up with – finish with

Fall apart – deteriorate

Feel down and out – feel depressed

Figure out – come to a conclusion

Fill in – Complete a form

Fill out – Complete a form

Fill up – fill completely one recipient

Find out – discover

Get a kick out of something – enjoy

Get along with – have a good, pleasant relationship with

Get away – escape from

Get away with – escape punishment

Get fed up – be out of patience

Get into – get inside

Get in touch with – make contact

Get hold of someone – get (or be) in touch with someone

Get on – board (hospedar)

Get one’s mind off something – not to think about, forget something

Get out – take out, remove

Get out of hand – get out of control

Get over (you) – “superar” (I have to get over my ex-boyfriend) =recover

Get through – finish

Get to a place – arrive at a place

Get tough with – become firm, strict

Give away – give something to someone

Give one’s word – promise

Give someone a hard time – to cause trouble, to annoy

Give up – desist

Go along – go with

Go around – date

Go for a walk – go for a short journey on foot

Go in for – be interested, like

Go on – continue

Go over – examine, read rapidly, go through review

Go over to – go to a specific place

Go through – finish, use until finish, go from one end to the other

Go through a red light – not to stop at a red light

Good deal of – a lot of

Grow up – became an adult

Has-been – a person who is not what he once was

Have a lot to do with – be similar to, in common/ have a connection to/ be related to

Have a card up the sleeve – have a secret plan, plan B

Have something on one’s mind – be thinking about something

Hand out – distribute

Hang around with – go out with

Hang up – the telephone (we usually say goodbye before hanging up)

(feel like a) Has been – feel like as one person who is not what he once was

Head for – go to, leave for, go in the direction of

(to) Hike – to walk long distances for pleasure, to take a long walk in the country

Hold up on – delay

In advance – ahead of time

In no time – very quickly

In order to – “para”, so as to

In store for – waiting for

In time – with sufficient time

In town – in the city

Just in case – if, on the chance that

Keep an eye on – watch, observe

Keep an eye out for – watch out for, look out for, be on the alert for

Keep in mind – remember

Keep in touch – maintain contact

Keep on – continue

Keep track of – keep a record of

Keep track off – follow the sequence

Keep up with – accompany, stay on the same level

Knock down – hit and fall down

Knock oneself out – get exhaust

Knock out – hit and get someone unconscious; exhaust

Lack of (something) – (something) is missing

(to) Last – to endure

Leave (something) up to – give the responsibility to

Let down – make longer (clothes)

Let out – make bigger (clothes)

Let out – emit, make (noises)

Let someone down – disappoint someone
(to) Limp – to put more pressure on one leg because of a pain or defect in the other

Live it up – relax, have a good time

Look after – take care of

Look around – look at everything

Look back on – reflect

Look for – try to find, to hunt, search

Look forward to – be anxious to

Look into – examine

Look like – resemble

Look over – check, review, look quickly at

Look up – check in books, magazines, etc… look for information

Lose one’s head – get extremely angry

Make an effort – to try

Make it to (a place) – arrive at (a place)

Make for – create, provide

Make good use of – use well

Make out (well, badly…) – do (well, badly…), understand

Make sure – be certain

Make up for – compensate

Make up one’s mind – decide

(to) March – to walk like soldiers

Mix up – confuse

Nag (sbd) into doing something – annoy one person to do something

Not to be about to – not to allow

Not to be much for *– not to like

*only in the negative

Not to mention – besides, in addition to

Now and then – occasionally

Out of one’s mind – upset, confused, crazy

Out of this world – fantastic

Out of town – outside the city

(to) Pace – to walk back and forth nervously

Pay off – pay completely

Pick out – choose, select

Pick up – get, take from the floor, buy quickly

Pick up line – “cantada” (mexer com uma pessoa do sexo oposto)

Pile up – increase, accumulate

Plug in – connect (electrically)

Put away – put in the right place

Pull in – arrive

Pull into – drive into, arrive in a vehicle

Pull out – leave

Push (my love) aside – ignore (my love)

Put down – write down; or to depreciate, debase

Put on – present, dress

Put on an act – pretend

Put on weight – get fatter

Put off – postpone, not in advance

Put up with – be patient with, tolerate

Read over – look at, read

Read up on – read information

Rip off – very expensive

(to) Roam – to walk without destination = TO ROVE

Run away (with sbd) – to leave home (with sbd), to escape (with sbd), to elope= escape in order to get married

Run around – go to many places

Run by (me) – come to (me)

Run down – make one fall by a vehicle: or to go somewhere quickly

Run down – wear out, become tired

Run into – meet accidentally, unexpectedly

Run out of – finish the supply of

Run over – hit with a vehicle and pass over one’s

Run up – to enlarge one bill by addiction

Run up and down – run from one end to the other

See eye-to-eye – agree

See to – take care of, to do

Send off – “despedir” = welcome = “receber”

Settle on – decide on, choose

Set out – leave

Set up – organize

Show to – lead the way to

Show up – go to, come, appear, be present

Slim out/down – lose weight

Slip out – move quietly out of

Slow down – go more slowly

(to) Stagger – to walk unsteadily

Step on it (for cars) – “go faster”, accelerate

Stop by – visit

Stop off – quick visit (places)

Stop off at – stop quickly

Stow away – to place, put in one place

(to) Stomp – to walk heavily/ to dance hitting the ground heavily with the feet

(to) Stride – to walk firmly with long steps

(to) Stroll – to walk leisurely

(to) Swagger – to walk in an arrogant way = TO STRUT

Switch something on – start (electrically), to turn on

Switch something off – stop (electrically), turn off

Talk (sbd) into doing something – convince one person to do something

Take back – return

Take care of – look after

Take care of – accomplish, do

Take in – make smaller (clothes)

Take it ease – calm down, relax

Take (something) off (somewhere) – “retirar”

Take time off – not to work, free time

Take off – undress

Take out – remove from an enclosure, carry to another place, get (from within), extract, withdraw

Take up – Make shorter (clothes)

Take up on – follow, accept (suggestions, offers, advice)

Talk over – discuss

Test something out – see if something functions

Think over – consider

Throw away – discard

Throw out – discard

(to) Tiptoe – to walk noiselessly

(to) Trudge – to walk with difficulty

Try for – try to get

Try on – experiment clothes

Try out – experiment

Try something out – see if something functions

Tune up – “consertar”/ adjust

Turn a blind eye to – “fechar; desviar os olhos”/ ignore (it)

Turn on – start operating

Turn out (to be) – prove, become

Tune in – select a radio or TV station

Walk a dog – to take it for a walk

Walk off with – to take

Walkout (noun) – strike

Walk out on – to abandon

Walk someone to some place – to accompany

(to) Wander – to roam

Warm up – get warmer

Watch out – take care of

Way out – solution

Wear someone out – make someone tired

Wear the pants – make all the decisions

Wind up – end up

Whip up – prepare quickly

Work off (one’s weight) – reduce (weight)

Work off and on – work no constant

Work out – end well

Work out – exercise

Work out – solve

Worn out – old (not to be fashion)

Worn out – tired