In lots of cities I have been with the red T-shirt guides. They are nice and funny! Well, sometime you can get a guide in a bad mood, but generally it is a nice way to start getting to know a big city!!!

There are different kind of guided tours:

The free guided tour – you shall give a tip after the tour, but never more than the price they would charge for a payed one, that is what I think! Specially because there are lots of people in this tour!

Pub Crawl – where you meet people/tourists in a pub!

In each city they have some special tours like in Paris they have the Versailles Garden Tour, Montmartre District Tour, etc.

You can take the Spanish guide or the English one!

I did this tour in London, Amsterdam, Prague,… but of course when a host from Couchsurfing wanted to guide me, I loved too!

This is their blog:

And these are their websites:

Amsterdam –

Paris –

Berlin –

Brussels –

Jerusalem –

Hamburg –

London –

Munich –

Prague –

Madrid –

Tel Aviv –