Couchsurfing is a treasure to me!

I found such nice people! I cooked to them, they cooked to me, we walked around the cities, we talked about everything, they helped me so much that I can not describe how much I am thankful!

I will talk with more details when I describe each city of my backpack, ok?!

My Europe Trip was just amazing due to my dear crazy and touchy hosts from all over the world that I will never forget! Thank you all!!! I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done to me! Muito obrigada!

Well, unfortunately I didn’t have just positive experiences. I had a bad one too and I admit I didn’t take a good look in his profile. There was just men’s references. Not that I have a prejudice but I should have realize he wouldn’t know how to treat a girl as there were no women’s references.  I left his house as he was abusing of my kindness and patience.

Never let someone touch you if you don’t want!!! Even if you have to sleep on the street!!! And WRITE TO THE CS MANAGER CREW WHAT HAPPENED! After that, write him/her a negative reference, so as nobody will pass through the same sad situation.

So, I will give you some important tips I’ve learned and some things I did before meeting my hosts:

1 – Check out carefully the profile of your future host!

2- Check if the girls also liked his couch, it shows he is respectful.

3- Read well what people say about him!

4- Check the level of trustful his/her friends wrote him.

5- Check if he/her has real friends in his friends list.

6 – Ask for the couch when you feel safe and look for his house in google maps when he/her sents you the address.

7- Check if the house IS NOT in a desert place.

8 – Talk to this person by phone if it’s possible.

9 – Meet in a public place!

10- Give him/her a nice gift of your country if you liked the couch! Say you are really thankful! I made reeeeeally good friends in CS!!!

When I came back I sent postcards from Brazil to all my hosts I still had the address! And until now I have contact with them and for sure when they come to Brazil there will be a couch here waiting for them! I feel blessed by my CS experiences! God really iluminated my way!