CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making new connections among travelers.


Couchsurfing é uma rede mundial para fazer conexões entre viajantes e as comunidades locais que eles visitam.


I couchsurfed a lot in Europe and Brazil!

Couchsurfing is such an amazing programm and volunteer work when it is done seriously and in the most cases it is!!! I totally recomend couchsurfing!!!

Steps to couchsurf:

1°) Create an account in

2°) Fill in your profile.

3°) Enter in the communities you are interested like the ones of your city and the ones of the cities you are going to.

4°) Meet the people in a BIG MEETING (nobody will like to meet you when you don’t have references so you should meet the people in a big public event and then they will probably write you references).

5°) After having some good references you turn into a trustful member!

6°) Now you can ask for couches and receive guests.

7°) It is much more trustful if besides the references you also have a trustful mark in your picture, which you get after writing the code that is writen in the postcard you receive home after donating a certain amount of dollars. It is really important to fill in your right address to receive this postcard with the code! They won’t show nobody your address in you profile. They will just show after you accept receiving the person that asked for your couch.

8°) Just accept receiving people in your couch after checking out carefully their profile, talking to them, checking if you have the same interests, etc.

9°) You are ready to couchsurf! But read the security procedures.

10°) Enjoy!

11°) This is my post about my experience in CS.